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What is Constitution? Health and Emotion

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

This may sounds simple, but it is very difficult to appreciated the extend of the mind's immense power over life. Also, the mind is very arbitrary, it is very difficult to tie a knot. We are on surfing board all the time right? :)

In Oriental medicine, we are saying, where mind goes, there is Qi, and where qi is, there is mind. That is why it is said that the mind has a great power over one's own internal organs, and all diseases, external and internal aspect. Also energy arises from the internal organ are expressed externally, and we often called it disease or wellbeing.

The place of the emotion is connected and rooted within our organ. The Kidneys are organ of fear and wisdom, the Liver is anger and vitality, the Heart is joy and life, the Spleen is worry and faith, and the Lungs are sorrow and righteousness.

When the energy that causes illness is in the kidneys, there will be fear, but when it is healthy, it is energy of wisdom. If the spirit of illness is the liver, one gets angry easily, but if healthy, one's personality is soft and calm. If ones Heart is in weakness, you laugh too much or cry all the time. If your illness in your spleen, you are always full of worries and doubt, but if healthy, you are optimistic and tolerant. If disease in the Lungs, sadness will rule entire heart, but if healthy, one develop a romantic and upright character.

Therefore, diagnosing a disease by looking at the nature of person's all dimension, in Oriental medicine, this is a very natural way to go. And the arrangement of strength and weakness of the emotion connected to the strength and weakness of each of the internal organs. For example, if the liver is weak compared to other organs, it makes one nervous and gets worse when they get sick. This is how constitutional medicine is to look at the arrangement of strength and weakness of each organs. In the end, by diagnosing the constitution well, with acupuncture and medicinal herbs, weakness become increasing the energy, and strong organ relieve its tension, resulting in status of balance. We all born with an innate imbalance, and that's what makes us unique and makes us alive, However our longing for balance is never ending, endless.

The Power of oriental medicine begins here. In the principle of yin and yang, the liver supports the heart, the heart supports the spleen, the spleen supports the lungs, the lungs support the kidneys, and the kidneys support the liver. The liver controls the spleen, the spleen controls the kidneys, the kidneys control the heart, the heart controls the lungs, and the lungs control the liver. In addition, the liver enjoys sour taste, the kidneys taste salty, the lungs taste spicy, the spleen tastes sweet, and the heart enjoys bitter taste. (The theory of microorganisms, microbiome, which is emerging rapidly these days, is very suitable idea for this.) Therefore, if you help, add, or avoid with appropriate food, the five organs will be in balance, and since the five organs are in peace, the mind will be in peace. In other way, it means we are born with the ability to self-heal by helping and controlling ourselves. Okay! then, the important thing now is to know your constitution. :)

So, is it always easy to find and eat the right food for you? ^^ These days, there are too many information like flood, saying this is good this is bad. Flood means there is no water to drink. We are lack of real information. Health food trending is always a favorite topic that is constantly coming up and going in medias and TV shows. Unfortunately, constitutions are not mentioned.
It is very subtle and sophisticated area, and need personal attention starting from your own journey. "Even the best food in the world can be poison if it doesn't fit your constitution, and if it suits your constitution, a dish of insignificant herbs can be the best medicine for you." I would like to share a lot of stories with you about finding your constitution and your unique energy. And I do hope that we will be able to communicate a lot with each other on the journey to get to know oneself. :)

It is well, All is well.
Mira @the Well

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