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As an Oriental Medicine Practitioner over a decade of experience, Mira believes holistic approach has tremendous strength in restoring vitality in all dimensions of body, mind and soul. Her expertise is grounded in the classic TCM, 5 Element constitutional medicine and her core therapies are Acupuncture, Oriental Botanical Medicine, Constitutional Nutrition consultation.

Start your wellness journey with Mira and recover your health sovereign with power of Oriental wisdom.

Mira is consulting in Melbourne, Australia.

Telehealth available. 

email :

  • TCM Five Element Initial Assessment & Consultation  $165

  • Re exam (Over 6 months from last visit) $60

  • Acupuncture   $105

  • Acupuncture + Cupping $125

  • Cupping Only $90

Herbal Medicine 

Herbal medicine Short Consultation $50


  • Raw herbs                                          $20-25/ bag

  • Granulated                                         $55~80/week

  • Patent herbal pills/capsules            $35~50 /bottle

*Fees subject to change without notice. 

*Concession card holder, Seniors & Student :  Please consult for fee discount 

  • For acupuncture treatment, most Health Fund Rebates Available, please check with your health insurance.

  • NDIS, TAC, Workcover, Home care Package rebates available

Fees & Rebates

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