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What is Constitutional Medicine?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We all have some foods that work well while others do not and instead give massive problems. We may now call it allergies or food intolerance and they make us run particular food choices. It can label us vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, paleo..etc to name some. What kind of diet are you doing at the moment? After nice cup of latte, did you notice you have gas with light tummy rumbling while he is completely fine?

Are you curious about how Oriental Medicine understands these allergies and intolerances even when there is no such term?

Do wise men have any answers for this rather than simply taking anti-histamine every time? 

What is my constitution?

Constitutional Medicine may say different opinions on one such medical cliché, well-known to the world, “High-meat diet could increase the risk of cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.” According to constitution, meat can be beneficial and root vegetables may be incompatible with you. Discovering your unique constitution correctly and finding out the right food and lifestyle is key treatment principle of Constitutional Medicine.

◎ Metal Body type (TaiYang type)

While have strong Lungs, the liver is weak, therefore digestive discomforts are frequent. Metal body type tends to bring up energy to the top of your body and you will find it hard bring it down, thus meditation and yoga can be helpful.

◎ Wood Body type (TaiYin Type)

Wood type has weak Lungs, so there is diminished function of excretion of toxin from the body. With strong Liver energy, this type loves to eat and has good digestion ability.

◎ Earth Body type (ShaoYang Type)

This type can hardly put on weight. Has strong Spleen and generally has heat in the body. Heat will tend to go upwards so will often experience flushed faces.

◎ Water Body Type (ShaoYin Type)

Has weak Spleen, hence there might be frequent digestive discomfort. Very sensitive about food and if there is emotional stress which will affect digestion easily. Born with strong Kidney, hence strong lower back and good libido.

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