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Morton's Neuroma treatment with Acupuncture

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I have pain in my bottom of foot, with tingling sensation. There is discomfort when walking, and it comes and goes. I do not remember any injuries."

When a gentlemen came to visit clinic complained of unexplained pain with ball sensation in the sole of foot, at first, I suspected Plantar fasciitis, however with some test, it was not a pain but strange sensation comes and goes.

It was Morton's neuroma and it is a benign swelling that develops along the nerves in the foot that carry sensation to the toes. The cause of nerve damage is not known yet but once the swelling sets in, adjacent muscle and ligament put pressure on nerves, can cause irritation and inflammation. This can be burning sensation, numbness, tingling or other strange sensation in the foot and toes.

Morton's neuroma may be a little unfamiliar, however, it can easily occur in everyday life and it present high prevalence rate as plantar fasciitis, which is very common foot disorder.

In fact, in Morton's neuroma, it is difficult to reduce the neuroma with current medicine. Hence it is common to perform conservative treatment before seeking surgical option. If conservative treatment failed or not working, steroid injection in the the lesion or surgical removal of nerve can be considered, however, either is not yielding satisfactory result so far.

In addition, recurrence of the neuroma is a problem in long term, so surgery should be considered carefully.

Here I would like to share Acupuncture treatment of Morton's neuroma.

Acupuncture, electro acupuncture and laser acupuncture can help to resolve fibrosis and reduce pain. It is important to remove any stagnation so create healthy blood flow of foot. Even if all the foot pain have similar symptoms, not all treatment are the same. It is important differentiate location and meridian affected, hence there will be subtle modification of the point choice and method. Also, herbal medicine helps to resolve blood stasis and pain can be prescribe alongside acupuncture treatment.

In order to prevent recurrence, it is important to address fibrosis which is fundamental cause of neuroma. Hence removing blood stagnation around the nerve is important. Acupuncture help to increase local blood flow healthy and herbal medicine according to constitution can help to detox internal waste in the body.

It is not easy to differentiate neuroma from other foot disease simply by symptoms, hence I found many patient confused what exactly this pain is from. It is helpful to get accurate examination for accurate treatment plan if you experience foot pain in various way, such as X ray, ultrasound examination and MRI etc.

Happy Foot is important for Happy life. If you have acute or chronic foot pain, try acupuncture and find oriental wisdom for happy foot care.

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