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8 Constitution Medicine

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

What is 8 Constitution?

When the dynamic of your organs are in harmony, the body is deemed healthy. When a strong organ becomes too strong, and a weak organ becomes too weak, the body fails to maintain its adequate balance, hence sickness follows. Disturbed immune function, malfunction of nervous system, pain and emotional symptom can occur in this unbalanced state.

8 Constitution medicine is a type of immunotherapy which can find the cause of illness through monitoring right/wrong elements in individuals. It aims to restore immune system in balance. It may encourage you to follow constitutional diet, regimens depending on the constitution, in order to treat and prevent disease. Over time, these diets and regimen will convert the body to a balanced state. Any food, medication or treatment that is beneficial for one person may not have the same consequences even they present same problems. Environment, occupation, emotion, type of sports, or other activities affect ones health; and with constitutional difference in between each person, the effect will vary dramatically.

Research articles ;

8 Constitution acupuncture and integrative cancer support treatment

Theoretical basis for the eight constitution acupuncture, published in October 2010 in Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume Ⅴ, by American Science publisher, Nova Science.

This paper explain theory of Eight Constitution acupuncture by eminent Korean doctor Dowon Kwon. Dr Kwon says radial artery contain sign of 8 constitution and with right diagnosis of individual's unique constitution, right treatment will follow.

Above paper was published because Nova Science remarked one paper in Amino Acids, a science journal, the Altered urinary polyamine patterns of cancer patients under acupuncture therapy. There are many researches looking at correlation of cancer and polyamine but it was the first research which looked at the correlation between polyamine, important cancer marker, and acupuncture treatment. The researcher found the marker decrease dramatically with acupuncture in this clinical studies. The cases were bowl cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. The acupuncture protocol used in this research project was 8 constitution acupuncture, hence the publisher proposed Dr Dowon Kown to promulgate theory of 8 Constitution Acupuncture in Advanced in Medicine and Biology.


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