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Korean Half Bath

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Let's detox and de;stress with Korean beauty secret

Korean Half Bath is now a kind of beauty secret which helps detox and de;stress and thus gives you healthy skin and glow. Originally, it is based on a wisdom to keep the head cool, and the tummy and feet warm to maintain the ultimate health. You can find this theory strongly emphasized in a well known healthy secret for longevity from Dongui Bogam[Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine] as well.

No wonder it is very popular in Korea and you can even find spas with various essential oils and products to put in the tub so why don't you also try at home with your favorite oil when bathing!

"Exe ta pothia sou zesta, Ti kefali sou kria, To stomaki sou athyano ,Yiatro ne exies xria."

(Keep you feet warm, Your head cold, Your stomach empty

then You will never need a doctor.)

Herman Boehaave,

Dutch botanist, chemist, Christian humanist, and physician of European fame

'Half bath' means to soak your body in a half filled tub of hot water, deep enough to reach your solar plexus(stomach) until you lightly sweat. Hot water warms the lower half of the body, and warmed blood circulates the whole body quickly hence helps blood circulation in a healthy way. It helps to get rid of coldness from the body and improve metabolism. With improved blood circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery to the cell will be increased, detoxification also follows.

Good thing about half bath is it can improve 30% of blood circulation without raising blood pressure and heart rate.

Benefit of Half Bath

  • Improve metabolism and blood circulation

  • Relax muscles so help arthritis and menstrual pain.

  • Raise of body temperature hence immune function improve

  • Help edema and skin due to detoxification

  • Help de;stress and insomnia

How to

  1. Water temperature is 38-40C

  2. Soak your body below solar plexus and do not soak hands

  3. Stay in the bath until lightly sweat or 20-30min.

  4. Hydrate before and after the bath!

  5. Sleep after the bath :)



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