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Stubborn ACNE treatment with Acupuncture

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

ACNE needs to be treated both from the outside and and the inside.

The cause acne is excessive sebum secretion and inflammation of the blocked pores. When waste products called DAM JUK accumulate in the body, it can be also from the malfunction of the stomach and gut. When waste products is not removed from body efficiently, it is backing in your system, hence results in inflammation of the skin.

There are many systemic signs and symptoms simultaneously occurring with Acne and If you think you have experienced below signs, you should consider internal treatment combining with acne topical treatment.

  • Dry, red eyes and tight sensation around eyes

  • Indigestion and frequent bloating

  • Frequent belching and reflux.

  • Constipation or diarrhea.

  • Stiffness of back and shoulder

  • Frequent headache

  • Bad breath

  • Yellow and dark complexion with dark circle around the eyes

  • Irregular menstruation and Premenstrual symptoms.

  • Period pain

If internal factor is not carefully considered, no matter how much you have extractions, peeling, or even many strong prescriptions, it continues to recur. I have seen many cases that if patients successfully restore the function of the healthy gut, it is cured by itself as well.

Acne treatment with TCM doe not simply look at the skin surface, but identifies internal factors attribute the development of acne. Treatment is also combine external treatment, like natural topical anti acne herbs including Liu Huang(Sulphur based anti acne agent) and acupuncture, diet therapy and light therapy.

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