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Important COVID 19 Information
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Dear Freinds and families

I hope you have all you need to take care of yourselves and your family in this time.


I am glad to let you know my clinic is OPEN, and here to support you. But we are currently taking strict precautions against Coronavirus transmission.

We are all concerned about the risk of going out and consultations that don’t require an essential care can now be converted to telephone/online consultations for this next coming weeks.

I am unable to see patients who have recently travelled overseas or who have any signs of Cough, Fever or Cold type symptoms. If you are feeling unwell, your appointment will need to be rescheduled by calling 0401 335 613 or contact.

Our infection control measures have increased - wearing masks, gloves and protective eye covering to protect both you and community.

When you attend your appointment, we kindly request you attend alone. 

At certain times we will also request patients and their relatives wait outside the waiting room to minimise crowding.

We strongly encourage registration forms for new patients are completed in advance on online system to assist our front desk load. For more information, please contact via below links.

Further information for those concerned about the Coronavirus can be found via the Dedicated Department of Health & Human Services Coronavirus Information Hotline on 1800 675 398.

Stay safe and Take care, and thank you for your cooperation. 

안녕 安寧(hello) Beautiful.

You are not in parallel with others.

You are very unique in your own way. That is why this world is a wondrous and beautiful place to be. Your body regains its equilibrium in stability, consistency, and regular practice of goodness. It is also very slow in learning new things. So we must know how to wait as love must wait.

All will be well, it is well.

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